Rafael Espitia Perea was born in Cartagena, Colombia in 1967. Lives and Works in Miami (US) and Cartagena (COL)

“I am inspired in most cases by color and beauty, the exhuberant beauty of a woman and the beauty of a magical element of my Colombia. In “Women” in particular the contemporary woman, the one that speaks her mind and chooses what she wants, the woman who seduces and is seduced, that woman that with a gesture says it all. I’m also working on a series I call: Glances (glimpses) where I present magical places, strange, unique, unexplored worlds where I want to seduce the viewer inviting him to travel with me and show him places filled with lots of color, shapes and emotions that seem quite like my fantastic Colombia…”

3D Art
“My technique today is the sum of many years of experiments and tests that have resulted in overlapping of spots and effects that serve to convey a message. In the process I use techniques and concepts of wave frequency of the colors, the speed at which the colors travel in space, to produce feelings of beauty to the brain of the beholder and also to be able to show my work in 3D, and yes, my paintings apart that they can be seen in a conventional manner also can be seen with 3D glasses where the images appear as layers to produce the illusion of depth and the 3D vertigo, this is very interesting in my exhibitions and produces a revolution in the room where the works are exhibited, is inovative and the public recognizes it as a contribution to the art of the moment…”