+ About Us

Edenburg Hospitality is leading the industry as the fastest growing hospitality firm based here in the US.  Worldwide, we have specialized from boutique historic hotels to large resorts and casinos for over 30 years with installations including Europe, North America, South America, Caribbean and Asia.

Our goal is to strategize your specs to perfection for hotel’s new construction or renovation of all sizes. We accompany clientele and review plans including field measurements before work commencing.  We arrive onsite to set up model rooms.  Also, we supervise all installation and perform full inspection to exceed your expectations.

With over 300 hotel installations, we guarantee the quality of our job done.  We are here to help you with your next project.  No project is too small or too large. Your trusted E-Team is ready to facilitate when time is of the essence and results are of the utmost importance.







+ Meet the Executive Team!

Ignacio Edenburg

CEO / Founder

Evan Welch

Partner / Executive VP

Liz Aiken

VP of Sales
& Project Management

Melissa Bettin

Director of Operations

Maria Rozo

Interior Designer
Team Leader